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Acocks Green, Birmingham

Welcome to I am AG. February 16, 2009

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Well, here it is.  My attempt at a blog and my first post.  Trouble is I’m not sure what this is going to be.  It will be concerned with Acocks Green of course.  This is not a place to advocate that just I am AG but that, perhaps, Acocks Green is missing an identity.  I feel AG is definately missing a voice, especially on the web.  Go on pop it into Google.  Not much there right?

So, let’s start shouting “I am AG” and see what happens.  Who’s listening?  What do we want to say?  Perhaps we can begin to take ownership of the place we live, work and play in.

Do you have an opinion on Acocks Green? 


4 Responses to “Welcome to I am AG.”

  1. Andy Mabbett Says:

    I’m on the other side of Brum; but go for it! Hyper-local blogging is the new Web2.0, dontcha know!

  2. Phil whela Says:

    I love AG! It’s much better than AIG.

    Hope this comment was helpful.

  3. gedhughes Says:

    I am AG too!. Yes long overdue, Acocks Green Neighbourhood Forum has a web presence!! Thanks to the support of Birmingham Bloggers Social Media Surgery last week.
    Check it out : http://www.acocks-green-neighbourhood-forum.org

  4. Julia Larden Says:

    Hi Nicola

    Nice looking blog! Well done.

    It’s obviously the season of the Acocks Green blog! I think things may be about to start happening in Acocks Green this summer. I agree it is all long overdue.

    And, yes, we need to stick together and keep the pressure up to make sure that the powers don’t forget us THIS time …

    Acocks Green Focus Group

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