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Neighbourhood Forums March 16, 2009

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I’ve been trying quite hard to find out more information about Acocks Green’s Neighbourhood Forum.  I kinda knew there was one but don’t try the tinterweb for details, there aren’t any!

Iain Bowen (iain.bowen@birmingham.gov.uk), one of AG’s councillors,  informs me that actually there are 3 neighbourhood forums in this Council Ward; one covering the Yarnfield Estate, one for the Gospel Estate and Acocks Green Neighbourhood Forum which covers the areas off Yardley Road.   I found some info for the latter, a website but the info is so old.

I also kinda got that they are community organisations which recieve a small amount of funding and represent people’s views at other forums.  Iain tells me they hold 4 public meetings a year.  It would be great if these dates were on the web somewhere.   And a contact e-mail address.  I’m chasing these things up so watch this space. 

My arguement here really is that they can’t be working that well if we know nothing about them.  Does anyone have any information regarding the 3 Neighbourhood Forums in AG?  Or any advice/guidance on NFs in general?  Would you like to get involved but don’t know how?