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What’s in a name? June 23, 2009

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I haven’t come across this site before but William Dargue’s – A History of Birmingham Places & Placenames has some fantastic information and pictures of Acocks Green on it.

It seems the Acock’s family gave us our name but actually they lived a bit further down the road!  As Dargue explains:  “The change of location of Acocks Green took place as a result of the surveys which were undertaken in preparation for the cutting of the Birmingham & Warwick Canal in 1792. The mapmaker mistakenly applied the name Acocks Green to the hamlet of Westley Brook.”

We’ll probably stick with it for now though eh?  Although I’ve had some funny looks/ comments when giving someone my address who lives outside of Brum.  “A … cocks … green?!”


5 Responses to “What’s in a name?”

  1. hemminac Says:

    Despite once being a school boy in the neighbouring ‘rival’ patch of Hall Green, I never recall anyone resorting to the “A Cock’s Green” reference. I guess it might look odd to the outside world, but have always considered it more Aye-cock’s Green.

    I wonder how true the map cock-up story can be. I guess there weren’t too many people living around there at the time to speak up about the sudden re-naming of their little hamlet.

    Still, the first history lessons I ever had at Secondary School included the tale of how Hall Green used to be Hawe Green, but cock-ups over the years resulted in the present name (I seem to recall there being a Hawe Green Hall). I think they drummed this into us early on, before we added the word ‘whore’ to our vocabulary.

    There’s one name in Birmingham I wish someone would speak up for – Springfield. The powers that be have resurrected it from near abyss to use as an electoral area, but it’s a nonsense to the true area of Springfield. My postal address has always been stated as ‘Moseley’ but, there’s a field next door with springs in it – and ‘Moseley bog’ is a stones throw away. It’s not Moseley bog at all…..it’s Springfield bog!

    The AtoZ and even Google Maps identify this neck of the woods as Springfield, but nobody seems to use it properly. The council erected huge orange signs for ‘Springfield Shopping Parade’, but when I was little the sign outside Kwiksave (now Somerfield) said ‘Sparkhill’ – which most shops seem to use as their address….including Somerfield.

    Still what hope do we have? The Royal Mail’s Moseley sorting office is very much in Kings Heath…as is Moseley golf club (or at least the main entrance and postal address). And don’t get me started on how ‘Tesco Hall Green’ is in Solihull, not Birmingham.

    Save Springfield!

  2. Nick Booth Says:

    I spent half a day one recent weekend poring over Wiliam’s brilliant site about Birmingham place names. It the word of real love and dedication and almost hypnotically addictive!


  3. Mike Byrne Says:

    The Acocks Green History Society’s website has lots of information about Acocks Green and the rest of Yardley Parish of old.

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