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Chill @ Costa June 26, 2009

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chill at costaDriving passed the Costa Coffee in AG on a Friday evening I’d normally expect it to be all closed up, lights off.  However, I saw a few young people coming out and I remembered something I’d heard at the neighbourhood forum.  There were music events at the Costa for 13-19 year olds but the funding had been pulled!  Yes, the funding was pulled from Community Chest, but fortunately they got Youth Opportunity Funding.  Yay!

I really hope that isn’t true 😦

I found a few details about Chill on facebook.  Does anyone have any other info?

I’m hoping to be invited to the next one to do an interview or two.



4 Responses to “Chill @ Costa”

  1. Steve Cooper Says:

    Didn’t know they did such things either. If you need pics I (and probably Chris – Trav28) could help out as were both togs.

  2. Alan Colson Says:

    If you find out more, do let me know! We’re looking to do some events in Solihull for children and young people, and finding a coffee shop where we can host things is one of the obstacles.

    Would be handy if they had wifi too, because then perhaps we could hold the Acocks Green SMS there in future, I may have to pop in and see if you don’t hear anything 🙂

  3. nicolatoms Says:

    There is more info on the facebook page.

    Young People’s nights at Costa Coffee in Acocks Green.

    Last Friday of each month, 7pm-9pm, for young people aged 13-19, £1.50 entrance with 1st drink free.

    I’d like to get to one and interview a few young people but haven’t made it so far.

    The lady co-ordinating is Ness Cole: ness.cole@birmingham.gov.uk

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