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Oh yay, AG gets another blog :) August 26, 2009

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This time it is Acocks Green Traders with a lovely site with lots of info on it already including the new plans for AG centre.  The blog itself is formed by:

Co-editor is Acocks Green trader Tim Brown, of Costa Coffee.  Tim was, until recently, Chair of Acocks Green Traders’ Association.  He has now resigned from that role because it was taking up too much of his time,  but he continues to be keen to promote improvements for Acocks Green village.  During his time as Chair he built up considerable knowledge of Acocks Green’s commercial area and of local traders’ concerns.    He is also the owner of a franchise and has thirty years trading experience himself.

With editorial support from our friends over at Acocks Green Focus Group.  So if you are an AG trader why not have your voice heard via the blog.


Skip over – Power of a micro-blog? August 13, 2009

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A skip collecting lorry arrived about 4pm this afternoon, and huzzah the offending skip has now gone.  But what made this happen?  It is difficult to tell really but the former blog post got a lot of traffic this afternoon.  I doubt Weir understood my threats of “move it or I’m writing a blog post.”  And does my blog have much weight anyway?  My comments on Twitter can’t have helped their company appearance but have they even noticed?

The AG Ward Support Officer was on his hols but the lady holding the reigns was very helpful  She phoned them too so I’m sure that escalated Weir’s awareness of my unhappiness.

I suppose the bigger question is why the skip companies have so much power over a load of rubbish right outside your home.  I see full, stinking, rotting skips all over the place and bad mouth the people who ordered them all the time.  Perhaps they have been as powerless as me.  Is there any legislation in this area?   How long can a skip sit there for?  Any horror stories out there?


Not Skipping For Joy :(

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Having work done on your house is stressful right?  Especially an unplanned concrete floor!  So a skip was needed to take away all the sand and soil, the old concrete tiles etc.  The chap doing the work ordered a skip.  He paid cash on delivery and now I am a slave to them!

It is full.  They know it’s full, I phone and tell them nearly everyday.  And I’ve been waiting a month, four whole weeks for it to be collected!  Weir Waste Services, don’t bother using them!

This isn’t a very good blog post 😦 I’m just desperate for it to be gone.