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Not Skipping For Joy :( August 13, 2009

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Having work done on your house is stressful right?  Especially an unplanned concrete floor!  So a skip was needed to take away all the sand and soil, the old concrete tiles etc.  The chap doing the work ordered a skip.  He paid cash on delivery and now I am a slave to them!

It is full.  They know it’s full, I phone and tell them nearly everyday.  And I’ve been waiting a month, four whole weeks for it to be collected!  Weir Waste Services, don’t bother using them!

This isn’t a very good blog post 😦 I’m just desperate for it to be gone.



2 Responses to “Not Skipping For Joy :(”

  1. hemminac Says:

    Add your own advert banner to the side “Weir are a waste of time” and add a competitor’s number or two as an alternative for passers by.

    Then take a photo and send it to them.

    It’ll shift unless they’re really stupid……because loons will become fans of the rogue skip and create an overnight internet sensation….or something 😉

  2. Nick Booth Says:

    I think it’s a great blog post. You’ve used one to one channels to get the message through directly to them – please take this away – now you’re using one to many. I’ve already shared it on twitter.

    Not sure if this skip company has a web listening strategy though.

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