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Off Peak Gone Off January 4, 2010

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I read today on twitter, with a link to The Stirrer’s website, that London Midland have recently changed their off peak rail ticket restrictions. For people who use AG rail station this now means that if you travel after 09:30 you will have to consider what type of ticket to purchase. Previously the decision was easy; a £2 off peak return. But now, if you travel back to AG and leave Birmingham between 16:35 and 18:00 you’ll need a regular day return for £3:40. A massive increase.

I’ve no idea why London Midland have changed their restrictions. Perhaps they thought the trains were too busy between 16:35 and 18:00 and the people who bought tickets before 09:30 deserved the seats more but I doubt it. I travel on this line at varied times at least 4 times a week. The trains aren’t overcrowded unless they are delayed or there is a cancellation.

What is does mean is that people who travel after 09:30 are restricted in when they return. If I didn’t know when I’d be coming home I might chose a different form of travel. I might drive as part of the freedom of the train has been removed.

So, do you think the price increase is fair to peak users or just another way to squeeze money out of a very average local train service?

Interestingly I saw the back of a 37 bus today offering £2.50/ £8.50 day returns/ weekly passes for that route only. Can’t find any info on Travel WM’s site but I’ll post more if I find anything out.  Is this a new or old thing I’ve missed?


2 Responses to “Off Peak Gone Off”

  1. gedhughes Says:

    I travelled by train after 9.30am yesterday and was informed of this new restriction. As well as the fare gone up to £2.10! Yes it does make life more complicated – having to plan ahead. I want to be spontaneous! My first thought was how will they police this? Will the automatic barriers not let you through or will it just be down to the guards on the train? Anyway most annoyed at having to be tied down to certain times of travel. Personally I will buy usual return and see what happens!
    I hadn’t heard of the bus day return, about time really. I often get an Evening Saver which is good value.

  2. Hello,

    We are currently offering a £2.50 return fare on the 37 bus service or an £8.50 weekly ticket. They can be purchased from the driver.

    Also, the 37 bus service is now on twitter – providing updates on promotional fares, diversions and late running: http://twitter.com/nxwm37

    Carly, National Express West Midlands

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