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Acocks Green, Birmingham

What’s in a name? June 23, 2009

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I haven’t come across this site before but William Dargue’s – A History of Birmingham Places & Placenames has some fantastic information and pictures of Acocks Green on it.

It seems the Acock’s family gave us our name but actually they lived a bit further down the road!  As Dargue explains:  “The change of location of Acocks Green took place as a result of the surveys which were undertaken in preparation for the cutting of the Birmingham & Warwick Canal in 1792. The mapmaker mistakenly applied the name Acocks Green to the hamlet of Westley Brook.”

We’ll probably stick with it for now though eh?  Although I’ve had some funny looks/ comments when giving someone my address who lives outside of Brum.  “A … cocks … green?!”


Shared Space May 14, 2009

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This week Moseley Neighbourhood Forum held a public meeting about their proposed Shared Space scheme.  This was picked up by the Birmingham Mail and featured architects’ impressions.  The images are heralded as what Moseley “could look like if it was turned into what would be city’s first “shared space”.”  This is all wonderful news for Moseley, something that could also benefit visitors to the area, which I am regularly 🙂

However, AG’s Shared Space bid/consultation/request has been on the table for a very long time.  Why are the priorities of other areas of Birmingham coming before Acocks Green?  Why is our voice not being heard?

Moseley Shared Space


Acocks Green Neighbourhood Forum public meeting and AGM, Thursday 14th May May 10, 2009

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Baptist Church Hall, Yardley Road, 7.30pm

Guest Speakers from Acocks Green Focus Group will be discussing proposals for a Conservation Area of Acocks Green.

Everyone welcome and there will be refreshments!  See you there? http://acocksgreenneighbourhoodforum.wordpress.com/2009/04/22/next-meeting-for-acocks-green-neighbourhood-forum/


Acocks Green Neighbourhood Forum starts blog, yay! April 30, 2009

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“I am AG too!. Yes long overdue, Acocks Green Neighbourhood Forum has a web presence!! Thanks to the support of Birmingham Bloggers Social Media Surgery last week.  Check it out : http://www.acocks-green-neighbourhood-forum.org” 

This wonderful information comes from Ged Hughes!  Good on you Ged 🙂


Neighbourhood Forums March 16, 2009

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I’ve been trying quite hard to find out more information about Acocks Green’s Neighbourhood Forum.  I kinda knew there was one but don’t try the tinterweb for details, there aren’t any!

Iain Bowen (iain.bowen@birmingham.gov.uk), one of AG’s councillors,  informs me that actually there are 3 neighbourhood forums in this Council Ward; one covering the Yarnfield Estate, one for the Gospel Estate and Acocks Green Neighbourhood Forum which covers the areas off Yardley Road.   I found some info for the latter, a website but the info is so old.

I also kinda got that they are community organisations which recieve a small amount of funding and represent people’s views at other forums.  Iain tells me they hold 4 public meetings a year.  It would be great if these dates were on the web somewhere.   And a contact e-mail address.  I’m chasing these things up so watch this space. 

My arguement here really is that they can’t be working that well if we know nothing about them.  Does anyone have any information regarding the 3 Neighbourhood Forums in AG?  Or any advice/guidance on NFs in general?  Would you like to get involved but don’t know how?


Welcome to I am AG. February 16, 2009

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Well, here it is.  My attempt at a blog and my first post.  Trouble is I’m not sure what this is going to be.  It will be concerned with Acocks Green of course.  This is not a place to advocate that just I am AG but that, perhaps, Acocks Green is missing an identity.  I feel AG is definately missing a voice, especially on the web.  Go on pop it into Google.  Not much there right?

So, let’s start shouting “I am AG” and see what happens.  Who’s listening?  What do we want to say?  Perhaps we can begin to take ownership of the place we live, work and play in.

Do you have an opinion on Acocks Green?